jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2018

We will find some love, and we will find some light...

Looking at the stars Looking at the sun Light's still the same When it comes to warm us Sometimes there's no words But silence is still talking We look so stupid first Then we start to believe in something Hoooo come with me we gonna burn a sunset Just take your lighter, sky will be better in red We will find some love, we will find some light We will never be alone, ‘cause everything will be so bright. So let's quit fooling around I'm into you Taken by the sound Cause you're the love I found Hooo i need my loneliness But i'm lost without you I'm feeling so fearless When you give me the proof That my dream is so true When you hold me I'm alive When you hold me I'm alive And I'm sure when I say You're the best friend of my life

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